Turnarounds & Restructuring

Severe stress on a business can result from exponential growth or financial distress and you face a need for a turnaround or restructuring. On these occasions, managers, lenders and shareholders have little margin for error. Perhaps there is no time when they can benefit more from the counsel and advice of an unbiased, independent professional with the experience and sophistication to realistically assess the situation and work with them to develop and implement a turnaround plan. Our goal is to rapidly identify needs and potential threats, stem the bleeding, develop a global plan forward, improve liquidity and restore competitiveness.

TH will work closely with its client, their staff and other professionals to quickly and effectively develop a plan to maximize shareholder value.

Analyze Current Situation

  • Assess managerial and key employee capability
  • Analyze Historical Financials & Planned Results
    • Review Cash Position / Cash Flows
    • Review Historical Staffing & Pay Data
  • Evaluate Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
    • Analyze Product Sales & Gross Profits
    • Assess and test Sales Forecasts/Sensitivities
    • Determine Effectiveness of Sales Force
  • Evaluate Operational Effectiveness
    • Assess manufacturing/supply chain effectiveness
    • Review G & A costs
  • Calculate Breakeven Requirements
  • Determine Adequacy of Financial Resources & Develop 13 week Cash Forecasting Process
  • Review Potential Issues and Challenges, where Appropriate, with
    • Lenders, Investors $ Potential Funding Sources
    • Customers & Vendors
    • Employees
    • Tax/ Regulatory Agencies

Develop Turnaround Plan

  • Design Strategy, Develop Plans & Obtain Key Constituency “Buy In”
  • Develop Action Plans & establish cost reduction objectives for:
    • Purchasing/Freight
    • Manufacturing
    • G & A
    • Sales ad Marketing
  • Set Sales Objectives
  • Design Cash Management Controls
  • Establish Key Milestones & Metrics and Align Objectives with Rewards and Review Potential Sensitivities

Implement Turnaround Plan

  • Mobilize Resources Required and Communicate with stakeholders, as appropriate
  • Monitor Critical Metrics & Milestone Reporting and Align of Objectives with Rewards
  • Negotiate with Investors, Lenders & Vendors
  • Re-assure customer base

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