Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Rarely does a business face the “make-or-break” opportunity that presents itself with a merger, acquisition or divestiture. Done right, the rewards can be quite substantial. Done wrong, the consequences can be quite severe. It’s a challenging and demanding time, with managers being stretched to perform due diligence, negotiate an acceptable transaction, insure that financing is in place, and prepare for the post-transaction business integration.

There’s a lot to do and getting it right, while managing the day-in-day-out affairs of a business, can tax even the most experienced of management teams.

TH will work with you at each stage in the M&A process to insure that you have. . .

  • Identified acquisition candidates, evaluated economic benefits, and established values.
  • Realistically assessed options, evaluated your company’s capabilities and thoroughly the analyzed resources required to succeed.
  • Developed a workable plan and are prepared to mobilize the internal and external resources needed to identify targets, conduct due diligence, arrange financing and integrate prospective candidates.
  • Prepared for the post acquisition and merger integration effort, which is critical to insure that your transaction is successful.

The Managing Directors of TH have been actively involved in managing a number of buy-sell transactions over the course of their careers.

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