Sales & Marketing Strategy

TH believes that the most critical success factor in any business is its competitiveness in the market place. If a business is going to succeed and grow, it needs a competent, focused sales management team consistently executing a well thought out product and branding strategy.

TH understands what it takes to compete and win. The firms principals have years of executive experience in:

Sales Management

Generating and building sales volume is the key to the long term viability of any successful company. Often companies lack a clear cut sales strategy, quality sales tools and effective training. TH has extensive sales management experience that enables us to help in each of these areas. We can also help in refining your distribution strategy and develop broker and agent sales networks.

Sales & Marketing Planning

Effective management depends upon short term sales and marketing plans that allow for the efficient and effective use of marketing dollars. These plans must include measurable goals and objectives designed to provide a road map and to track progress. TH has the experience to help your organization develop all aspects of its sales and marketing plans. We can assist with competitive analysis, geographic expansion, channel development, product rationalization and new product development, and customer acquisition and retention.

Advertising & Promotion

With experience in Fortune 500 B2B and B2C product and service companies, TH has the experience to assist you in the creation and execution of results oriented advertising, public relations and promotion programs. We can assist with advertising and promotion strategy; creative brief development; agency search, selection and supervision; sponsorship strategy; event development and execution; and customer acquisition and retention program development.

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