Case Studies

Restructuring of an auto parts manufacturing company

The company was facing major supply chain issues resulting in significant out of stocks and subsequent financial distress. TH addressed the supply chain issues by identifying reliable and lower costs suppliers, upgrading supply chain and purchasing staff, reducing in and out bound freight costs and implementing a forecasting model. The short term financial issues were addressed and the company is beginning to realize increased sales.

Restructuring of an environmental testing company

The company was facing liquidity issues and TH began with a full business assessment. Following research to benchmark the company’s cost and operations to industry norms, TH reduced receivables days by nearly 100 days by creating a new invoicing process, hiring a new receivables manager, implementing a comprehensive collections process with built in escalation procedures. TH also restructured the company’s debt with the existing lender.

Strategic planning and operational development for a retail chain

A retail chain was experiencing rapid growth and needed to develop a strategic plan and an organizational structure to manage the current and anticipated growth. TH developed a strategic plan that included five year projections, a tool to evaluate current and planned capital expenditures and anticipated financial needs. Operational improvements implemented included the establishment of key leadership roles of Director of Operations and Director of Merchandising, development of job descriptions for all store personnel and operating procedures for store personnel and supervisors.

Strategic planning and operating management of a high tech company

A publicly traded high tech company needed assistance in advancing their product development and commercialization. TH Directors acted as interim CEO, CFO and Director of Business Development. TH completed a comprehensive assessment, development of a strategic plan, identified potential strategic partners and managed stockholders meetings. One TH Director joined the company’s Board of Directors.

Business assessment and refinancing of an electrical construction company

The company was facing potential closure due to high debt levels. TH completed a business assessment, identified and implemented efficiencies and negotiated debt forgiveness from the lender.

Interim management of a healthcare company

A European based healthcare related company was in need of leadership of their recently acquired North American operations. Our WIL group offices in Europe worked with the headquarters of the company while we identified, placed and managed an interim CEO in the company’s headquarters in Canada.

Business review and sale of a beverage distributor.

The two owners of the business died within a short period of time. TH completed an assessment of the business and developed three strategic alternative courses of action – continued operation by the owner’s family, merge with adjacent distributors or a sale of the business. TH determined that the best course of action was a sale. A thorough search was conducted for potential strategic and financial buyers. A strategic buyer was identified and a sale was successfully completed.

Turnaround of an industrial distribution company

An industrial distributor operating in four states was facing declining revenues and profitability, as well as growing levels of inventory. TH completed a comprehensive review of the company’s strategy, competitive situation, products, operations, pricing and inventory by SKU. TH developed a sales incentive plan based on the sale of high margin items, developed a system to easily monitor the company’s 14,000 SKU’s by location and a program to reduce inventories to appropriate levels. TH identified and implemented cost reductions that have resulted in significant profit improvement.

Strategic planning and sale of an industrial recycling company

Rapid growth of an industrial recycling company resulted in a liquidity issue. Following a comprehensive business assessment, TH secured interim bridge financing and recommended the sale of the business. Over 100 strategic buyers were identified. The business was successfully sold and the sale provided the owner with an employment contract and a long term lease of the facility he owned.

Interim President of a food manufacturing company

A rapidly growing food manufacturing company needed leadership to develop the organization and strategy to lead the company through its rapid growth. A TH Director led the company for six months setting the overall direction and recruited qualified financial, sales and marketing professionals to lead the implementation of the strategic plan.

Completion of a strategic partnership of two construction related companies

TH worked with the two construction companies to clarify the needs, risks and benefits of a strategic partnership between the two companies. A relationship was negotiated and implemented with necessary financial protections put in place for both companies.

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