Manufacturing & Process Improvement

TH believes that “continuous improvement” must be an essential ingredient in a company’s operational improvement effort.

The implementation of a world class program, such as Lean Techniques, will have a major impact on your firm by eliminating waste and sustaining the continuous improvement process. Although the initial focus in many situations tends to be on manufacturing or operations, we will also can apply the Lean approach to the administrative functions of an organization. Often the performance in backroom activities goes unchallenged, yet how you process quotations, to orders, to shipments, to payments has a significant effect on organizational costs, and provides the firm with potential candidates to be “leaned.”

A “Health Check” of your operation will enable you to better face the competitive challenges of today’s global marketplace. TH’s experienced team can direct this “Health Check” and assist your business by installing a manageable process that gives you meaningful information in a timely manner to instill a continuous improvement environment within your organization. Employee involvement coupled with management commitment will ensure sustainability. We can help you identify those areas that are embedded in your process that are not adding value to your customers.

TH’s process will:

  • Review your organizational performance.
  • Develop key measures to give management the sensors they need to monitor continuous improvement.
  • Work with your team to insure that the key indices are being tracked properly.
  • Evaluate your organization’s key processes to identify the areas that are ripe for improvement.
  • Establish a process to identify areas of waste and enable your firm to become more cost effective and competitive.
  • Once in place, these foundations for monitoring and managing will begin to show a continuous improvement progression.

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