Financing Strategy

TH is very well versed in assisting businesses in defining their financing requirements, identifying the prospective funding sources available to meet those needs and approaching those sources on behalf of its clients.
We work closely with our clients to:

  • Accurately assess the current financial condition of the business
  • Assess and define management’s future plans
  • Determine the resources needed to achieve those plans
  • Develop financial modeling to evaluate alternative financing options
  • Ensure that the risks and rewards of each option are understood

We are experienced in developing and “marketing” financing packages, assisting in the evaluation of proposals, and negotiating with prospective investors / lenders. We are also prepared to participate in supporting the company’s transition into the new financing arrangement and tracking of lender / investor metrics and milestones.

We are adept at SEC accounting, S-1s, financial analysis, costing, and raising appropriate financing. We have good contacts with banks, equity funders, mezzanine groups etc.

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