Profit Improvement

TH will work to take a rational, balanced look at your existing business model. We will work with you to identify the key profitability and asset utilization drivers of your business. We will evaluate your existing business performance in a series of key metrics that will offer insights into your current level of profitability and asset utilization. Finally, we then will evaluate and present the projected cost and benefit of alternative strategies to achieve your business objectives.

Once we have agreed on the best strategy and developed implementation plans, we will work to insure that you have the resources needed to carry out your plans. We’ll also develop the appropriate measures to monitor your business performance to insure the business stays on track to achieve the desired goals.

  • Analysis Of Current Performance
    • Financial Analysis & Benchmarking
    • Sales & Product Line Analysis
    • Gross Profit & Margin Analysis
    • Organizational Review
    • Alignment of Objectives, Measures & Rewards
    • Operations, Productivity & Unit Cost Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Return On Investment/Equity
    • Asset Utilization Analysis
    • Management Reporting Effectiveness
  • Improvement Strategy & Plan
    • Review & Evaluate Alternative Actions
    • Evaluate Planning Process
    • Process Improvement Recommendations
    • Cost Reduction Initiatives
    • Develop Productivity Improvement Plans
    • Establish Key Milestones & Metrics
    • Provide Product Mix Recommendations
    • New Product Development
    • Sources Of Funding- Internal & External
  • Implement Plan
    • Mobilize Resources Required
    • Monitor Critical Metrics & Milestone Reporting
    • Adjust Tactics as Results are Analyzed

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