360 Business Assessment

When a business is facing a critical issue whether rapid growth, lack of growth, financial issues, refinancing, acquisitions or potential sale of the business, TH can rapidly assess the situation and provide insights and recommendations to assist management. The assessment includes:

  • Review and Test of the Business Strategy
  • Assess Managerial and Key Employee Capability
  • Analyze Historical Financials & Planned Results
    • Review Cash Position / Cash Flows
    • Review Historical Staffing & Pay Data
  • Evaluate Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
    • Analyze Product Sales & Gross Profits
    • Assess and test Sales Forecasts/Sensitivities
    • Determine Effectiveness of Sales Force
  • Evaluate Operational Effectiveness
    • Assess manufacturing/supply chain effectiveness
    • Review G & A costs
  • Calculate Breakeven Requirements
  • Determine Adequacy of Financial Resources & Develop 13 week Cash Forecasting Process
  • Review of Industry Trends and Competitors
  • Review Potential Issues and Challenges, where Appropriate, with
    • Lenders, Investors $ Potential Funding Sources
    • Customers & Vendors
    • Employees
    • Tax/ Regulatory Agencies

We have successfully completed numerous 360 Business Assessments for businesses in a wide range of industries and for financial institutions that are evaluating businesses that they are currently financing and those that they are considering financing.

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